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If you are looking for massage therapy in Auckland, then look no further

Leave tension and soreness in the boardroom

Graham Wilson is dedicated to providing personalised massage therapy services to executives who need to stay on top of their game. In todays fast paced, high pressure world, certain aches and pains can keep recurring. Don't let them develop into something more serious down the track. Make an appointment with Graham Wilson in Auckland to relieve stress and align your body for functioning at an optimum level. 

Whether you suffer from aches and pains associated with your job, a previous injury, or you are simply looking to pamper your body and give it the treatment it really deserves, you can rest assured that you are putting yourself in capable, professional hands.

Deep tissue massage

A man receives massage therapy in Auckland
Deep tissue massage therapy is particularly helpful for those suffering from a specific injury or chronic tension, a sore lower back and a stiff neck and shoulders. A necessary tool for demanding athletic performance.
Over time, bands of stiff tissue, known as adhesions, can develop and block circulation leading to aching muscles and joints. By concentrating on these problem areas, Graham Wilson can help those with postural problems and muscle tension and spasms.

Sports massage

Hands performing massage therapy on a sore back in Auckland
You don't need to be an Olympic athlete to benefit from a sports massage. This particular massage therapy targets prevention and the healing of niggling muscle and tendon injuries. A sports massage stimulates your circulation and usually concentrates on one problem area and/or the area used for sporting activity. Having competed in numerous sports over 50 years and worked with top athletes the sporting understanding and empathy brought to the table is invaluable. Enquire about a Graham Wilson sports massage in Auckland today.

Executive stress

A stressed executive in need of massage therapy in Auckland
Healthy massage has spent thousands of years evolving all over the world. Different forms of massage treatments originated in the Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Chinese empires, being used to treat nobles and royalty for centuries. Now, with greater knowledge about blood circulation and the immune system, as well as the mixing of techniques and styles from all over the world, massage treatment is more effective and accessible than ever.
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